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Allow me, to empower you, to healthy sleep habits!

Is your baby waking several times a night?

Is your toddler refusing to stay in their own room?

Does you baby cat nap all throughout the day?

Does it take hours and several tries to successfully put your baby to bed at night?

Are you spending hours and hours bouncing, rocking and holding your baby to get them to fall asleep and stay asleep? 

I see and know hard it is to struggle with your little one's sleep.  Those sleepless and broken nights' sleep, the obsession with sleep, bickering with your partner, the guilt of not paying enough attention to your other children, falling asleep on the way to work, being in a fog all day and having anxiety when nighttime comes around; are all of the parts that no one tells you about or how to find a safe and holistic solution.  

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