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Hi, I am Patti, your certified baby and child sleep consulsultant!




My name is Patti DiClemente and I live in Ephrata,Pa with my husband of 7 years and our 4 year old little boy.  My husband and I struggled to conceive for a little over 2 years and when we finally fell pregnant! We were ecstatic and felt very blessed.  

My excitement led me to read many baby books and get every “new parent must have”.  When my son was born I thought I was overly prepared and it was going to be a “breeze”.  My little angel and I were going to take nice long naps together, I would know every single different cry, run errands, teach him how to sleep anywhere, stay up late, sleep in late, sleep through noises, etc.  


Well… reality set in at week 3.  Coincidentally, it was the same time my husband went back to work.  My son never slept and when he did it took me hours and hours of standing, shushing, rocking, bouncing, etc. to finally get him down and then the even harder part… getting him to STAY asleep.  And that was just for naps!  Nighttime was a different battle and I started feeling very alone and isolated.  I was sleep deprived, felt like no one understood, people were giving their “well-meaning advice” and I didn’t think anyone would be able to help me.  I thought, "my child just must HATE sleep."  I desperately searched for the magical product or the life changing quick advice that would turn my sleep protesting child into a glittery unicorn sleeper.  


Those hours spent rocking and holding my son for naps and nighttime sleep were spent doing hours and hours of research about infant and toddler sleep hygiene and sleep environment.  I learned how not one independent solution was going to change our sleep problem.  There are so many different parts that foster independent and healthy sleeping habits.  I was so afraid of the unknown and scared of not getting the little sleep I had become accustomed to (but clearly not really).  


I knew I needed to make a change not only for me but for my son.  I wanted him to get restorative and good quality sleep so he could mentally and physically grow to his full potential.  I knew it was my responsibility, as a parent, to teach him how to sleep in a way that was appropriate to his age and for his temperament.   


Throughout my journey, I realized my passion for infant and toddler sleep and obtained my certification to start helping other parents and children. I support all different types of parenting styles and offer hands on sleep training as well as cry-based sleep training along with other infant and toddler sleep education.  I have learned that “one size does not fit all” and together we will find a healthy solution to fit your child’s needs.  


Sweet Baby Sleep Consultant's mission is to educate and help parents gain the confidence and support to teach quality and restorative sleep to their little ones. We will work together to instill healthy sleep hygiene along with a great sleep environment conducive for independent sleep.


Sweet Baby Sleep Consultant cannot wait to help your child's need for sleep!

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